Lady Popplewell Centre

On Friday 10th August 2018, Lady Popplewell Centre held their annual presentation night. The presentation night was first introduced three years ago. The night is a chance for the Lady Popplewell centre to give to charity, as they donated two cheques to two charities which have been chosen by them earlier on in the year.

Every year, the members of the Lady Popplewells over 50’s club choose two charities in which they would like to donate to. This year, the top two popular ones the members chose were Candle lighters Charity and The Wonky Donkey Visitors Centre.  The members then hold a charity bingo night every Friday to raise enough money to give each of the charities £1000 each. Any surplus amount is given back to local charities. For example, they have previously donated this to local scout groups and the Peter Pan foundation.

These cheques were then awarded at the presentation evening. The Wonkey Donkey Visitor Centre, a donkey sanctuary and visitors centre based in Knottingley, said “they will use the money for general care and upkeep” and were extremely grateful for the donation, saying it was “brilliant to have something like this to help them” as they “rely on donations to help funding for the sanctuary.

Attendees were also given a lovely tea with lots of delicious homemade cakes being available!

Lady Popplewell Centre

Lady Popplewell CentreLady Popplewell CentreLady Popplewell CentreLady Popplewell Centre