Co-op Food Sherburn

Co-Op Food is located in the centre of Sherburn in Elmet on Finkle Hill and is a supermarket chain selling groceries and household goods, with a focus on ethical practices.

Co-Op often participates in local community activities and help raise funds for community projects through their membership programme, you can read more about how they helped to raise £6,000 for the local area here.

In 2008 the Co-Op conducted the world’s largest consumer poll on Food Ethics. 100,000 members gave them their backing and as a result, they launched our Food Ethical Policy.  Co-Op Ftakesake pride in supporting the UK farming industry, upholding strict animal welfare standards and investing in the promotion of best practice and efficiency.


Opening hours
Monday to Saturday
6am - 10pm

10am - 4pm
Phone number
01977 682 432
22-30 Finkle Hill,
Sherburn in Elmet,
LS25 6EA
Location map