Formed in 2020, eFaraday was formed to do more than just install EV points, but to provide a premium EV charge point installation and management service that leads the way in terms of efficiency, customer service response times.

They’re a passionate team, with decades of experience in the managed & monitored services sector across a variety of industries. Above all, They’re dedicated to making a positive and sustainable impact on the planet.

Whether you’re a small independent business, property developer or a large-scale chain across multiple locations, at eFaraday they can support you from initial design, through the installation process and into the full monitoring and maintenance of your EV charge points.

With the increase in electric vehicles, having readily available EV charge points at your hotel, restaurant, property, shopping centre, supermarket or similar business will help you stand out from the rest and provide your customers with a premium level of service.

The vehicle industry is changing and it’s not long until the UK 2030 ban on the sale and production of gasoline vehicles comes into place. The sale of electric vehicles is already increasing and it’s only predicted to increase further in the coming years. With more EVs on the road, naturally, there will be an increased demand for public EV chargers.

Utilise your business offering and provide added value for your customers by providing public EV charge points, whilst benefiting from the added bonuses EV chargers can bring.

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