Sherburn in Elmet

A Historic Yorkshire Village

Local Services

Below you can find a list of local services and businesses within and around Sherburn in Elmet. Sherburn in Elmet is home to a number of businesses and services and is growing each year. Use the filters on the right to find something more specific or alternatively, browse below for a full list of all the local services and business listings on our website. If you have a business or you provide a service that you would like to be added to our website, it is completely free of charge, just email us and let us know via our contact page.

YVS Performance

Auto Services, Local Services

YVS Performance are all petrol heads. Since leaving school, they have worked at garages and are both (Simon and Roger) fully qualified City and Guilds. Having spent years seeing customers being overcharged elsewhere, they finally realised their dream and set up YVS. At YVS Performance, they always have a project on – or two!  They currently […]

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YVS Performance