Another Bank Set to Close This Year

Barclays bank located in Tadcaster is due to close later this year.  Barclays will be the third bank in Tadcaster to shut down over the past three years after Natwest and HSBC closed their doors in 2016/2017, leaving only Halifax for local residents.

After the closure of Natwest and HSBC in Sherburn in Elmet, there are currently no banks at all in the village, leaving many residents with a bad taste in their mouth.  The nearest Barclays bank for Sherburn villagers and the surrounding areas will now be Wetherby, which is unfortunate for those who rely on public transport or those with disabilities.

The declining number of counter transactions in the previous 24 months and the increase of online and telephone banking was the reasons behind the closure of Barclays in Tadcaster.

Cllr Christopher Metcalfe, Selby District Councillor for Tadcaster and also a Barclays’ customer stated:

It is a part of the sad decline of Tadcaster we are struggling to arrest.

The Barclays bank will shut on April 27th, 2018.