British Gypsum Mines Show Commitment To Net Zero

Leading plaster and drylining manufacturer British Gypsum has made changes that will cut its CO₂ emissions by 175 tonnes each year – the equivalent of more than 430,000 miles in a diesel car.

Back in 2020 British Gypsum’s parent company, Saint-Gobain, laid out a CO₂ roadmap as part of its pledge to reach net zero by 2050. Just two years later, good progress is being made.

British Gypsum recently invested £2 million in two lithium battery-powered gypsum haulers at its Barrow upon Soar mine in Leicestershire. These replace diesel-powered units, and are expected to cut CO₂ emissions from the site’s underground mining by a quarter, while also reducing employees’ exposure to exhaust gas.

The manufacturer is leading the way with its carbon-cutting initiatives, and these are the first lithium battery-powered haulers of their kind in an underground mine in the UK and Europe. British Gypsum plans to replace yet another diesel battery by 2024.

At its Birkshead mine in Cumbria, British Gypsum has upgraded its ventilation system to save 75 tonnes of CO₂ each year. Costing £300,000, the two new fans are so efficient that they use just half the electricity of the previous system.

Ventilation is crucial to the health of mine workers as it keeps the atmosphere free from diesel exhaust particles and other emissions. British Gypsum’s underground investments demonstrate that looking after people and the planet go hand in hand.

Mike Emson, Operations Director at British Gypsum, said:

“We’re passionate about making the world a better home however we can. We understand that there is no Planet B, and we’re working hard to reach our goal of net zero by 2050 so that we can help preserve our planet for future generations to flourish.”

British Gypsum Mines Show Commitment To Net Zero


“We care about building better to help our partner construction customers with high-performance drylining solutions that deliver sustainability and performance for people and our planet.

By working together and pioneering solutions, we will help create a positive legacy, building great spaces to work, rest and play. We know the future means better built environments, better homes, better places to work and better lives. We’re committed to creating a positive impact for people and the planet.

We’re confident of better, leading the way by sharing our collective know how and innovative products with our partner construction customers to help create better buildings for everybody.

We mine, mill and manufacture with British-based gypsum. Only British Gypsum drylining systems, built with Gyproc and Glasroc Plasterboards, genuine Gypframe metal components and finished with authentic Thistle Plaster, give SpecSure® protection for life. This guarantees the structural, acoustic and fire safe performance of our drylining systems in homes, schools, hospitals and other buildings.

We collaborate to make positive contributions to the communities that surround our sites, and partner with over 75 colleges across the UK to support future generations of drylining and plastering professionals.

We’re proud to be a founding patron member of CRASH, the construction industry’s charity, supporting homelessness and hospice projects nationwide.”

We care about building better.


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