Grant Success of the Eversley Park matting

Earlier in the year, the council entered the Tesco Bags of Help scheme in the hopes to receive a grant to provide the 2 entrances of the Eversley Park field with all-weather matting. The council are pleased to announce that after receiving the most number of votes, they have received the £5,000 grant and the matting can now be implemented. This protective matting will be placed at the 2 openings of the Eversley Park field, one nearest to the centre, and the one in the north-west corner (near the Scout Hut and All Saints Church). This will come in handy for general use, but also be a great asset for events such as the Gala and Sherburn Craft and Food Festival – which generates a lot of footfall onto the field.

This is the 2nd Tesco Bags of Helo scheme the village has won this year – with us winning a grant to help restore the Old Girls Scool in early 2017.

We are very grateful to Katy Frost at Selby District Council for the important help she gave us in achieving this successful bid.