Handmade Crafts to Raise Money for Charity

Local resident, Stella Taswell, has been hard at work creating handmade crafts to donate to a local charity, Sherburn Visiting Scheme.  The handmade crafts donated include Christmas placemats in a variety of patterns and an impressive fabric Christmas tree, pictured to the right.

It took Stella around eight hours to craft each tree and there are only limited numbers of each available – so once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Sherburn Visiting Scheme will be selling these crafts at various local craft fairs.  The Christmas trees will be selling for £15.00 each, and four placemats will be £10.00.

All the money received from the crafts will be donated back into the Visiting Scheme to use within the charity.  If you’re unable to get to a craft fair to purchase, please contact the Sherburn Visiting Scheme office and speak to Sue.