“Help us insulate Ukraine “

Harry Blakiston Houston and a group of young Graduates backed by Cambridge University and private enterprise are “leading the charge” to make a difference to the people of Ukraine. The attachments provide the story of how he and his colleagues designed and develop a triple glazed cellophane window which is cheap to manufacturer and quick to install. Harry has made two tours to Eastern Ukraine and has tried the system which has proven to be remarkably effective.

Currently the private enterprise element is made up of our team at Cromwell Polythene who are extruding the material in our UK factory in Atherton and John King chains who have been managing the transport. Cromwell Polythene and John King Chains are neighbours in Sherburn in Elmet. What has been achieved this far with limited sponsors demonstrates what we can achieve if we secure the support of some industrial and corporate big guns.

The first city the team focused on was Izyum, but the project is now being rolled out to other cities that have sustained major damage and need urgent support. We are all clear that the war in Ukraine is now one of attrition so who knows how long it will be until the reconstruction of damaged infrastructure can commence. The team are now confident of the design and the priority now is to publicise the project in order to secure as much funding as possible to roll out the project to the whole of Eastern Ukraine and make as much progress as is humanly possible before next winter. sponsors pipeline page .

Harry will be coming to Yorkshire to commence our publicity campaign. He will be in Sherburn in Elmet on Wednesday 5th April and Alfreton 6th April to see product being produced .

Cromwell Polythene

"Help us insulate Ukraine "