Local Election Results

Last week saw Sherburn in Elmet resident David Brook win in the local elections. Residents had the opportunity to vote for candidates to be elected onto the Selby District Council. There were five candidates running, from three political parties, including the newly formed Yorkshire Party, voters had the opportunity to select a maximum of three candidates they believe will make a difference to our village.

David Brook for the Yorkshire Party proved victorious after receiving the most votes. David’s public campaigning paid off, winning him 925 public votes, followed by David Buckle and Bob Packham who both were re-elected candidates. As well as David Brook, the debuting Yorkshire Party had 3 other successful elected candidates in neighbouring towns, forming a strong group for this political party.

Following his win, David took to Social Media to thank all those that voted for him, also declaring the initiatives and ideas he has to better our community, evaluating current issues and finding appropriate solutions.

David states “I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for giving me this opportunity to be a voice for Sherburn on Selby District Council. I look forward to working alongside Cllr’s David Buckle and Bob Packham putting party politics to one side to ensure the best for the community”.

David has now secured a place at Selby District Council alongside Bob and David, where the three will work together to help the community and village of Sherburn in Elmet.

See full election results below:

Dave Brook, Yorkshire Party – 925

David Buckle, Con – 860

Bob Packham, Lab – 769

Alex Tant-Brown, Con – 682

Scott Baillie, Lab – 521