Loss of Funding Puts the Sherburn Visiting Scheme in Jeopardy

The withdrawal of NYCC funding for the Sherburn Visiting Scheme (SVS) has put the Scheme in jeopardy.

SVS has, over the past 30 years, given support to the elderly community in Sherburn and surrounding villages. Their aim has always been to keep the elderly independent and socially active.

SVS provides a unique service, medical transport, social activities, and a cooked meal once a week, in addition to Meals on Wheels, shopping trips, dementia support and outings to places of interest.

NYCC is now only funding AGE UK Selby to provide the necessary support for the elderly in the area. Traditionally, AGE UK has minimal activity in Sherburn, possibly because of the longstanding success of SVS.

While the withdrawal of NYCC support is not of immediate concern it does mean that if SVS is to continue to provide their current level of service they will need to be looking elsewhere for funding over the next 12 to 18 months.

The Trustees and staff are determined to keep SVS running and will be actively seeking alternative funding. The last thing that is wanted to happen is for SVS to fold as it is a lifeline for many elderly people in Sherburn and surrounding villages.