New Path at Scout Hut

A brand new public footpath path has been built on the land leading from the Sherburn Scout Hut, travelling down on to the Eversley Park field. The existing path which is situated at the side of the Scout Hut was previously a dirt track, which became increasingly muddy and unsafe in bad weather conditions, it was also becoming increasingly difficult to walk across due to the uneven surface.

Three local groups and organisations came together to fund the new path, a path with an even surface and with disabled access making access to and from the field easier and safer.  The Gala Association, Western Community Engagement Forum (CEF) and the newly formed Teasel Trust, Sherburn in Elmet Craft & Food Festival all contributed to the erection of this new walkway. The new tarmac walkway stretches from the top of the Scout hut, down to the flat area of the field.

The tarmac path was built in early August with steps, due to delays in construction the steps were not able to be turned into ramps as promptly as planned. This meant the ramps were not ready for the recent Craft & Food Festival. Since the event the ramps have now been fitted replacing the steps, allowing for disabled access straight down to the Eversley Park field. The path is surrounded by a grey stone gravel and the Community Association’s Flowers in Bloom team are brightening up the area by planting some flowers and plants.