Old Girls’ School Grand Opening

In December last year, we reported that refurbishment work would be commencing on The Old Girls’ School after their application for £223,210 from the National Big Lotteries Grant was successful.

The committee has stated they are on track for their grand opening date which was set for the beginning of September 2018. As a result, room hire and bookings are already underway, ready for when the school opens its doors to the public once again.

The official opening date of The Old Girls’ School is set for September 2nd, 2018 and will be officially opened by Bishop John of Selby.

Refurbishment work on the inside of the building started in March this year and is due to be completed in 14 weeks. The refurbishment work includes a new roof, damp proofing, installation of new ceilings throughout, a brand new functional kitchen and fresh carpets.

If you’re interested in renting a space at The Old Girls’ School once refurbishment work has been completed, please email fogscommunity@gmail.com for more information.