The Old Girls School Historic Photo Remake

The Old Girls’ / Infant School on Kirkgate is a key part of Sherburn’s history, opening its doors way back in 1874. The school educated infants and girls until its closure in 1978 – many of whom are still living in the area today and will have fond childhood memories of this building.

Over the years, many photos have been donated and shared of the school, one in particular which is estimated to have been taken back in the 1930’s shows a crowd of children stood outside the school. The Old Girls’ School Committee wanted to recreate this iconic image, featuring as many past students as possible.

This idea comes after they received a huge grant of over £223,000 from the National Lottery Fund, which will help restore the school and allow it to be used by the general public in a variety of ways, one of which is a community cinema.

The photo shoot took place on the morning of Saturday, 28th October where many of the locals who attended the school throughout the years came along to be a part of the shoot. Previous students of The Old Girl’s School, from a wide range of years, came out to support their alma mater.

Sue Thornton, who attended the school herself, and is now on the committee to preserve The Old Girl’s School building said:

“This is a wonderful image of the school, which we want to recreate to have a great before and after image – and have something we can all look back on for years to come.”

old girls school students photoThe Old Girls School Historic Photo Remake