Parent Power

Sherburn High School has gratefully accepted over £300 worth of new books for its school library thanks to a magnanimous gesture from parent Rachel Parkes.

Rachel, whose son James attends the school, entered a competition launched by Scholastic Book Clubs and author James Patterson called James Patterson’s Big Book Giveaway… and she won! Rachel had to say why she thought Sherburn High deserved to win so she told them how winning the books would raise student morale after a fire at the school had caused significant damage in July last year.

It obviously did the trick and the library is now in receipt of the books; Librarian Ann Hannam was delighted at being able to choose from an excellent selection and commented, “Thanks to Rachel, our students have a great range of new titles to read and when I put them out, they went like hot cakes! Without the support of parents and carers, we wouldn’t have the broad range of resources for our students to access so Sherburn High thanks Mrs Parkes wholeheartedly for her amazing support