Parish Council to Fund New Outdoor Gym

In our previous article, we mentioned the Sherburn Parish Council were meeting to discuss spending Section 106 money on a brand new outdoor gym facility.

The Council have decided in their latest meeting that the Section 106 money which is currently at a total of £10,702.80, will instead be spent on the refurbishment of the Sherburn Bears Rugby Club, which you can read more about here.

Cllr David Buckle stated:

“We are going to use the Section 106 money to refurbish the Sherburn Rugby Club, however, the Parish Council will be putting £5,000 towards the proposed outdoor gym.  We are looking to get a grant for the other £5,000 from the likes of Tesco Bags of Help.  The gym will have thirteen pieces of equipment and will be located next to the newly refurbished Sherburn Bears Rugby Club.  50% of the equipment will be disabled-friendly to ensure everyone can make use of this fantastic new facility.”

In response to the queries from concerned residents in regards to possible vandalism to the new gym, David Buckle said:

“That is a very good point and we will be ensuring all of the equipment is as robust and heavy duty as possible.  We are hoping the installation of the new CCTV around the Sherburn Rugby Club, which will directly look over the gym area, will deter vandals.”

The new outdoor gym facility will be open to anyone over the age of fourteen and will house disabled-friendly equipment as well as traditional exercise equipment.  There is currently no confirmed date of when residents can expect the new outdoor gym to be open at this moment in time.