Police Crack Down on Crime

Police in the Sherburn in Elmet area have outlined their priorities to stay on top of crime in and around the village.

At last weeks parish council meeting, the Sherburn Councillors quizzed North Yorkshire Police representatives about ongoing issues in the village. The area duty sergeant Kevin Brighton and Assistant Chief Constable Lisa Winward told the Councillors that they are keeping a close eye on anti-social behaviour and criminal activity in Sherburn.

Kevin Brighton described Sherburn as a thriving little village, but admits it does have several problems. One of the issues that Sherburn faces is cross border crime. Kevin says “We want to make Sherburn a no go zone for people bringing in drugs, but because the village is on the border with 3 different police forces, we get a lot of people travelling through carrying stuff”. Other issues were identified such as cyclist using footpaths, and the anti-social behaviour and damage near the library and at Eversley Park. Kevin says he is aware of the youths that are causing the damage, and both them and their parents know they are being focused on. He will also be focusing on the trafficking issues in Sherburn in Elmet.

All of these issues are being prioritised, and will be focused on improving – in the aim the make Sherburn a better place to live.