North Yorkshire Residents Call for Single Recycling Bin

The Friends of the Earth Selby, have proposed a large, single bin for recycling to the Selby District Council this week.  This comes following multiple requests to the group stating a small recycling box is no longer sufficient due to how easily waste gets blown out and left to litter the street during bad weather.

Neighboring councils already offer a single, large recycling bin to their residents, and as a result, Selby District Council told the Friends of the Earth Selby that they would be willing to undertake a review of their recycling services.  Part of this review will include the consideration of introducing a “commingled waste collection bin” which will see all recycling waste in one large bin rather than split over three separate small boxes.

However, just a couple of days later, it seems that Selby District Councillor Crane, has had a change of heart by giving those residents who have contacted him supporting the review of the recycling services with a standard, copy and paste answer which states they have “no plans” to look into the recycling services at this time but in the same breath states they are “in the early stages of planning” leaving the vast amount of residents confused.

Resident’s outrage comes after over 1,000 residents signed a petition over two years ago to change their waste collection service, to which has so far been ignored by the Council with no further comments regarding the matter.

The Friends of the Earth Selby stated on their Facebook Page last night:

It’s obvious now there are underlying issues at the council. We’ve had numerous complaints and messages. We were dubious about ‘rocking the boat’ when some of you suggested a petition. It seems the few pessimists about the council must have been speaking with experience. We were also told of the petition for the same idea, signed by over a 1000 people. This [petition] is something the council received 2 years ago. Something they failed to tell us about and in 2 years still haven’t done anything about. Are they in it to fob us off?

They continued to explain how local residents can get involved:

We all pay for a service we don’t like and can’t all use. It seems we will have to take powers into our own hands. Message us on our Facebook Page if you’d like to be part of a sub group that tackles this, it would be great to have some dedicated minds to solving this problem for everyone in the town.