Sherburn Green Dog Walking Scheme

There have been multiple upsets over the past couple of months within the village and the surrounding areas in regards to dog poo being left by dog walkers within the area.

As a result, a group of Sherburn residents, led by Sally Harvey, with backing from the Selby District Council and the Parish Council decided to find a way to stop the increase of dog poo in the area and as a result, created the Sherburn Green Dog Walking Scheme.

Residents may now notice numerous posters around the village reminding people to pick up their dog’s poo, and if seen to be leaving it, culprits can face a fine of up to £100.

Sherburn Green Dog Walking Scheme has since introduced a green ribbon scheme for dog walkers.  So if you are walking your dog and have forgotten to bring a poo bag with you – look for other walkers displaying the green ribbon, and they will let you have some free poo bags.

sherburn green dog walking scheme green ribbon

By wearing the green ribbon whilst walking your dog, you are letting other residents know that you clean up after your dog, put your bagged waste in any litter or dog waste bin, remind others who walk your dog to clean up after it, encourage friends and other dog walkers to clean up after their dog and carry extra bags to hand out to other dog walkers should they need one.

The green ribbon packs are available from the local Holmefield Vets in Sherburn and various other local shops and are all free to collect.  It is hoped that this new scheme will tackle the dog poo issue within the village.  Local business, Cromwell Polythene has been backing the scheme and provided the poo bags for dog walkers to use for the Sherburn Green Dog Walking Scheme.

You can join the Sherburn Green Dog Walking Scheme Facebook group here for further information and the latest updates.