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Sherburn High School 2018 Results: Outstanding Results!

23rd August, 2018
Sherburn High School 2018 Results: Outstanding Results!

SHS are delighted that their students have once again had their hard work and efforts rewarded.

65% of students passed both Maths and English with over half at a strong pass compared to a national average of 43%
Attainment 8 is also above the national average
12 level 9s were awarded (4 in Maths)
4+ in English = 69%
4+ in Maths = 81%
EBACC = 27%

Top performers are:

• Aimee Green: 999999886 Distinction*
• Louie Newbon: 99998887 Distinction* Merit
• Tom Bailey: 977766554 Pass
• Chloe Palmer: 977777665
• Hugh Barker: 8888777765 Merit
• Robyn Cooke: 8888777663
• Holly Hughes: 8888876665
• Georgina Young: 8887776666
• Kimberley Craig: 888776655 Distinction*
• Ava Dunn: 887776655 Distinction*
• Eve Knowles: 887776664 Merit
• Harry Whiteley: 887665554 Distinction*
• Madison Cathcart: 87777666 Distinction
• Amy Ward-Lawson: 877776664 Distinction*
• Rachael Saunders: IGCSE: A* in 7 subjects & 1 A

The following students also made exceptional progress: Natalie Duckels, Hannah Buckley, Lauren Horsley, Jasmine Reilly, Sam Sprakes, Jake Tree and Natasha Wales.

Our Year 10 students also did remarkably well in their English Literature and ICT exams which they took a year early, with some achieving grade 8s and 9s in English Lit and Distinction *, Distinctions and Merits in ICT.

We are incredibly proud of all our students and teachers who worked relentlessly to achieve these outstanding results.

Maria Williams, Head Teacher, praised students and staff for their commitment and hard work, “These results are incredibly well deserved and demonstrate to the community how good a school we are. Lots of our Year 11 students are planning to stay on to do A Levels at Sherburn which is fantastic and we are really looking forward to the coming year.”