Sherburn Hungate Plans to Expand

Sherburn Hungate Community Primary School is going through some exciting new developments this year, one being a brand new extension of their school’s building.

Sherburn Hungate is in the final stages of planning with the North Yorkshire County Council for the new expansion of the school to make way for new and upcoming students due to the recent development of new housing in the area.  The plans for the expansion at Hungate include to extend the current Hall, create a purpose-built junior building and a brand new outdoor learning space for their Early Years.  Car park extensions and access will also mean that the Pool View building will also be removed. If things go to plan, the work should be completed by January 2020 at the latest.

This comes following the process of converting Sherburn Hungate into “academy” status with other schools within the Sherburn, Tadcaster and Rural School Alliance.  While this doesn’t mean a change in their name, uniforms or distinctive character of the school, it does provide them with a wonderful opportunity to access shared resources which will ultimately improve learning opportunities for the children.

Sherburn Hungate has a brand new website, which will keep you up to date with the latest news regarding the school.  Their website also hosts an archive of their weekly newsletters that gives readers an insight into their school’s activities and information.