Sherburn Meets Hollywood

Lynn Lowry a Hollywood horror actress has traded the luxurious LA life style for the far more carming county of Yorkshire.

Lynn who starred in the 1975 horror film, ‘The Shivers’, has travelled from the USA to Leeds for a new short comedy-horror which is being filmed in Sherburn in Elmet.

The film is called ‘First Impressions Can Kill’ and is directed by the award winning Eddie Bammeke and written by Michael Haberfelner.

Speaking to Yorkshire Spotlight she said: “Last year I worked on Talk of the Dead with Michael and Eddie and I actually spoke with Michael about this film and gave him the idea.

“I actually quite like working on smaller productions like this because they’re more family oriented and people working on the film want to make it special. Then you get the big, really expensive productions, and nobody seems to care, it is just a job for them.”

When we asked Lowry why she only ever seems to do horror films she explained that she has just been put in the genre since her early career. “Since doing my early work, which was horror, I have always been put in that genre.” she said. “I love doing horror comedy, it is a lot of fun and I can do other things but this is just what I ended up doing. I love doing horror.”

Director Eddie Bammeke said how he would like this film to go around the world. He said: “My vision for this is to get it out there and for it to go around the world, getting it on the TV. It is an extremely good, dark horror for people to watch. It is very physiological, twisted and bloody.

“A lot of the cast are from the north and being a man who lived in Wakefield for a while, it is good to be back up here. I really like Yorkshire and the northern hospitality is great which is really special when filming something like this.”

Author and screenwriter for First Impressions can Kill, Michael Haberfelner, has given the film the tagline ‘If you’re well prepared, an audition can be a wonderful experience except if you’re auditioning against Jane Higgins.’

Haberfelner said: “This film was an idea from Lynn and I made up this crazy story about an audition situation where everything is getting horrific, but, it is a horror-comedy so you can’t really take it too seriously. We have made it like a thriller but the laughs come at all the wrong points really, which is exactly how we wanted it to be.”

The youngest star of the production is 11-year-old Kayla Holesworth who plays the part of ‘the girl on the bike’. She said how excited she was to be working with Lowry: “It feels amazing to know that I am filming with a Hollywood star and I am really excited to just be here. All my friends pretend they don’t care but they really do. I just can’t wait to see the final film.”

Filming only took the production team one night and it is now in the post-production phase.

Keep an eye out online or even on your TV’s to see if you can catch First Impressions can Kill