Sherburn to Receive CCTV

The Sherburn in Elmet Parish Council has recently been working on getting new CCTV cameras installed throughout the village as a matter of urgency.

The newly installed CCTV is hoped to tackle the recent increase in anti-social behaviour and crime and deter future crimes from being committed.

The aim is to have the CCTV cover critical areas of Sherburn in Elmet where crime and anti-social behaviour is more likely to occur.  Improvements have already been mapped out, and surveys are currently underway to work out the logistics of having the CCTV cameras installed.

In particular, the Parish Council are keen to have CCTV installed at “the cross,” which is known locally as the four-way intersection in the centre of the village that is controlled by traffic lights.  The aim of the installation of a camera in this particular area is to capture cars which frequently run red lights at the intersection, causing danger to pedestrians and other drivers.

Other areas the council is currently looking to place cameras include the Sherburn Library, Eversley Park and Fairways.  The Eversley Park Centre already has CCTV cameras, and these will receive an upgrade and stay installed.

The CCTV cameras will be full HD quality which can be used as evidence in court cases.

There is no confirmed date as of when the CCTV will be fully installed and operational.