Sherburn Visiting Scheme Goes Digital

The Sherburn Visiting Scheme launched their brand new website this week, which was designed by local marketing agency, Creative Shed Agency.

This will be the first website that the Visiting Scheme has had since the charity started back in 1998.

Ann Hudson, Manager for the Sherburn Visiting Scheme, said:

“We are extremely pleased with our new website.  We finally decided to have one created as we had no form of communication other than via our newsletter, which we send out once a year; we wanted to be able to reach the people searching the internet for services and activities that we offer.  We chose Creative Shed Agency to design and build the website because we have used them before for various printing services and advertisements and they have always done a great job.  They are creative and understand what we want and how we operate as a charity.  We are hoping our new website will increase visibility in the local community about our activities and services that we offer, and get people interested and involved.”

The website outlines the services and activities the Sherburn Visiting Scheme offers its members while giving valuable information for potential volunteers for the scheme.

From the Visiting Scheme’s Memory Cafe, which helps support those with the early stages of dementia, to their Meals on Wheels service, which delivers hot meals with a smile direct to resident’s doors, the Sherburn Visiting Scheme demonstrates why the service is invaluable to local seniors.

Kerry Bennett, Marketing Executive at Creative Shed Agency spoke about why it was important to get the Visiting Scheme’s message right:

“When working on the Sherburn Visiting Scheme’s website, it was paramount that I captured the message they wanted to get across to their audience and portray that effectively with the text used on the website.  I went to their activities and tagged along with volunteers whilst they delivered the member’s meals to really get an understanding of not only what the charity offers their members but also what the charity means to those who use it.  Every person I spoke with who uses the Sherburn Visiting Scheme was so thankful that they had such a great support system and many stated that without the scheme they would struggle.”

With the launch of the new website, the Visiting Scheme are hoping to achieve an interest from the local community with regards to volunteering to help the charity.  If you know someone who could use the service or can help volunteer, please visit their website and contact them today.