Sherburn’s Unexpected Star

Sherburn in Elmet resident Leanne Jeffers, recently fulfilled her lifelong dream of performing on the West End stage as she appeared on the BBC’s Michael McIntyre’s Big Show. Leanne, was Michael’s ‘Unexpected Star of the Show’, and was surprised with the opportunity to perform live to an audience on the show, on Saturday 3rd December.

The mother of 2 has devoted her life to her children, but has always dreamed to be a singer. Her family and friends wanted to give her the opportunity to fulfill this dream, so secretly applied for the surprise show. Leanne who thought she had simply gone out for a drink in London with a friend, was surprised by Shane Filan from Westlife, who invited her to a ‘gig’ that was secretly the Big Show stage – where she was going to be performing. The stunning performance was certainly a not to be missed moment – If want to see Leanne’s performance, you can watch it here.

The BBC show had over 6 million viewers, beating the X Factor in viewing figures on Prime time TV – and Sherburn’s Leanne was the star.

And for more information on Leanne visit her Facebook business page.