Simon Peters one of the UK’s Top Psychic Mediums Comes to Sherburn

The famous, Simon Peters is coming to Eversley Park Centre, Sherburn in Elmet on Friday 6th April – NOT TO BE MISSED EVENT!

Simon Peters is described as one of the UK’s top Psychic Mediums and most evidential Spirit Messengers. A guest appearance on the very popular Living TV’s “Most Haunted” program thrust him into the public eye for the first time on television in 2003. Simon has made frequent guest appearances on national and local radio stations answering callers’ questions on the extraordinary gift of mediumship. His modest but magnetic personality makes him approachable to all who come to witness his remarkable demonstrations.

This exciting Spirit medium has already astounded thousands of people by presenting public demonstrations of his extraordinary talents over the past 15 years. Complete sceptics have been known to completely change their minds and go home with a completely different point of view after listening to Simon’s evening demonstration of spirit communication, and the possibilities of the continuation of life beyond our physical death.

Simon Peter’s extraordinary talent and gift of communicating with the Spirit world leaves many people who receive messages from their loved one in Heaven, in no doubt what so ever that there is life after death. His unique abilities and Spirit evidence can be a genuinely “life-changing” experience even for those people just listening to other people’s messages.

At any one of Simon’s astounding demonstrations not only does he disclose evidence to prove there is life after death, the Spirit world have even been known to pass on healing through Simon to heal individuals from both physical and emotional wounds. It is truly remarkable how this seemingly ordinary man has the power to reassure and comfort people with the unusual talent he displays whilst in touch with the spirit world. He is scrupulous to the highest degree in executing the most authentic message from not only relatives and friends on the other side of life, but also even from pets on the other side of life too.

This incredibly gifted medium has the audience on the edge of their seats, as he displays his incredible gift and ability to show the whole world “there is life after death.” This mind-blowing, unique, and enchanting experience is not to be missed.

Audience members have described the experience as ‘absolutely amazing’, ‘a compelling atmosphere’, ‘an evening filled with laughter and tears of joy’. Nothing gives Simon greater pleasure than to deliver heartfelt messages to his audiences from their late loved family members and friends.

Come and witness his incredible abilities at first hand. Visit our events page for full details by clicking here.

Simon Peters Promo