The end of an era: Sherburn High Prom!

Sherburn High School celebrated the end of high school life at the magnificent Hazelwood Castle on 28th June. With a movie theme, our students certainly didn’t disappoint as they arrived in style in Aston Martins, Mustangs, stretch limos and even a helicopter. The evening wear was equally glittering; sleek, sequined and seductive just like the cast of a James Bond movie!

One of the highlights of the evening was the long awaited Prom Awards with accolades ranging from ‘Best Bromance’ to ‘Clumsiest Person’ and of course the much coveted Prom King and Queen which went to Fraser Beck and Aimee Green, both excellent students and very well deserved.

Head Teacher Maria Williams commented “Year 11 students have worked incredibly hard throughout their time at Sherburn High School and fully deserved this wonderful celebration – they are a credit to their families and to the school.  We look forward to welcoming them back in the Sixth Form and are sure that their GSCE results will be outstanding and once more place the school at the top of the league tables!”