Village Centre Benches and Sculpture

As part of the Sherburn village centre revamp, two benches and a sculpture are going to be installed. The benches, along with the base of the sculpture, should be completed by either Friday 25th or Saturday 26th November.

However, the sculpture has had to be delayed due to an unforeseeable fault within the stone, although this is an unusual situation – it is always a possibility when working with natural materials. There will not be any additional cost to the Parish Council, but it is very frustrating for Dan Jones, the sculptor, as he was nearing completion of the carving when the fault was detected. Now he is currently sourcing a new piece of stone for the sculpture which could take several weeks, including carving and installation. The sculpture depicts a Fairey Swordfish, a World War 2 aircraft which was built at Sherburn and which played a crucial role in the sinking of the Bismarck.