Village Clap for Carers

Tonight saw a small group of Sherburn residents come together for the first time in weeks as a community to celebrate the work of the NHS and Emergency Services with a social distanced event held in the village centre. The event was also a thank you to those who have volunteered on the SCAG, supporting the village with vital help during the covid-19 crisis.

Organised by local volunteers from SCAG, the event was staged close to Elmete Social Club, and saw TV star, Leanne Jeffers perform live for the resident passers-by, volunteers and some local businesses.

Joining in the half-an-hour long event were several emergency service vehicles and some tractors who would ordinarily have been in the Gala Parade through the village earlier this month.

At 8pm the village stood proud and clapped and cheered in support for the hard work and vital roles of the NHS workers and all the keyworkers, for the 10th and what might be the final, weekly clap for carers.

The feel-good event was welcomed and enjoyed by those watching. The event had not been advertised widely as there were fears it would attract too many people which would of course be difficult to manage and be unsafe. The numbers were low, and everyone was able to social distance themselves from each other.

Photos courtesy of Craig Storton:

Village Clap for Carers Village Clap for Carers Village Clap for Carers Village Clap for Carers Village Clap for Carers Village Clap for Carers

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