WEA: Upcoming courses in North Yorkshire

WEA teach to a person, not to a qualification or an award. 

Both online and in-person, they believe in keeping group sizes down, making it easier for our learners to speak up, get to know their group and get actively involved in learning and sharing their own expertise.

This also allows their experienced tutors to tailor their approach to the exact needs and interests of their tutor group.  

Between the expert tutor and a friendly and integrated tutor group, their learners develop a fantastic learning network and informal support safety net that on many occasions are with them for life.

Family Learning: https://thewea.info/3YnrX7H

Everyday Greek: https://thewea.info/3DG0STA

Introduction to Volunteering: https://thewea.info/3KtbTeP

Award in Volunteering Level 2: https://thewea.info/3Qlc3c4

Techniques to Reduce Stress: https://thewea.info/3OoKeNg

Literature: 1917: Prufrock and other pioneers: https://thewea.info/3s3SIlp

Italian Beginners: https://thewea.info/3qgEQDY

Italian Advanced: https://thewea.info/3DFXTe0

Helping with SEND children: https://thewea.info/45fgxoN

Introduction to Scratch Coding: https://thewea.info/47lYFuu

For our most up to date courses, visit our website: https://thewea.info/3IVjOAS

WEA: Upcoming courses in North Yorkshire