Wheels 2 Work – Moped Hire

Ride to school, work or college on one of Wheels to Work’s range of Moped bikes. A low cost alternative to the lack of suitable public or private transport, getting you where you need to be when you need to be there.

The scheme is therefore open to people who:

live or work in the Ryedale, Scarborough, Selby or York district
• are aged 16 or over
• hold a full or provisional driving licence
• require transport to travel to employment, training, education or voluntary work
• live within a practical distance for a moped (normally a maximum of 12 miles per journey)
• have no suitable alternative form of transport available
• hold a valid Compulsory Basic Training certificate or pass a CBT test (arranged by W2W)
• hold a current bank account (payment to W2W is by standing order)

How to apply

Each candidate will be interviewed at home to assess their needs and ascertain whether they can be assisted. The loan of a moped is subject to availability. A weekly fee of £30.00 is to be paid in advance by a standing order. A bond of £250 is required, which will be returned if the moped is handed back undamaged at the end of the loan period. If however you are unable to make these payments and currently don’t have enough money we maybe be able to help with financing, please inquire if this is the case.

Applicants without a full motorcycle driving licence must hold a valid Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) certificate. If a test is required, we can arrange a one-day CBT course conducted by a Driving Standards Agency assessor in Scarborough, Malton or York.

Security and Responsibility of the moped

A security lock and chain will be provided for the moped, which must always be secured when not in use.
The moped will be fully comprehensively insured (with a £250 excess); road tax and regular servicing
costs are also included in the rent.
The daily maintenance, including the cost of fuel and oil and cleanliness and security of the machine are
the client’s responsibility.
Although the prime purpose of the loan of the moped is to access employment, training, or education,
clients may use it for reasonable social purposes. Regular checks are made by prior agreement to ensure
that the moped is safe and roadworthy.
The loan period is for a maximum of 9 months, subject to negotiation

For further information please contact the Wheels to Work Manager on 01653 699 059 or via email: