Young Girl from Sherburn Chops Hair for Charity

Five-year-old Jessica Brennan from Sherburn in Elmet has cut nine inches of her hair to support the Little Princess Trust Charity. Jessica has donated her lovely hair to the charity to be made into wigs and hairpieces for children with cancer who are suffering from hair loss. As well as donating her locks, she also raised £500.00 for the Martin House Hospice in the process. National Grid has also donated a further £400.00 to the charity to support the youngster, whose father works at the company. Jessica is described as a very generous and caring young girl, who is always looking for ways to help others.

Jessica’s inspiring act came after a joking with her mother about chewing her hair – she explained to Jessica she is lucky to have hair as some young children do not due to medication. Jessica then stated she wanted to give her hair to people that need it more than her, and in a brave and wonderful act took the plunge and cut her long locks. Jessica said her long hair does make her happy but wants to be kind and help children who don’t have hair to be happy too – such an inspiring story from such a young girl.