Sherburn Informer

Sherburn InformerA new digital and printed version of Sherburn Informer is now available online and from key locations around Sherburn. This replaces the Community Informer that has been delivered to all homes in Sherburn over the last few years.

Just before Christmas 2018 the announcement was made from the Community Association that the Community Informer would cease. This was sad news for hundreds of residents who relied upon the publication to keep up to date with what was going on around the village. The Parish Council, Community Association and Creative Shed Agency met to discuss in detail how the publication would be able to continue, if there were other options available and if it was viable to have a publication at all. It was agreed that the informer in its current form could not continue but there was a definite need for something in its place.

The new ‘Sherburn Informer’ although a lighter publication will be produced bi-monthly. It will be funded through the Parish Council and the new editor Anne-Marie Oldroyd will be compiling the information. Creative Shed Agency will continue to print each issue and will publish online to which is independently owned and run by the company as a community project.

In each issue, you will find information about what’s on, the Parish Council report, news and contributions from local groups and clubs and other relevant information and news from the village. If you would like to contribute any news or information you can contact the editor on 07410453584 or

Whilst the newsletter will no longer be posted to each house, it will be available to collect and it can be delivered direct to the elderly residents in the village.

Printed copies are available from:

Sherburn Community Library

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