The Community Trust needs your votes

Volunteers who are working on transforming the Old Girl School located on Kirkgate are pleased to announce they have qualified for a grant from a supermarket scheme. Tesco Express in Sherburn centre has teamed up with Groundworks for it’s ‘Bags of Help’ scheme, which granted local community projects up to £12,000. Over each Tesco over the 416 store have had 3 project, charities or groups shortlisted to receive the cash award. Tesco shoppers have been invited to vote in their local stores for which community project deserves the cash.

Last year the The Old Girl School’s fate seemed uncertain, with fears that it was going to be demolished. The building is now set to be transformed into a community centre, where local activities can take place. This grant would help to get the ball rolling on the conversion. Work is set to create  meeting rooms, kitchen, toilets and upgrade parking at the Old Girls School.

The hope by the Community Trust is that the building will be open for public use next summer and are encouraging Tesco customers to cast their vote to the project with tokens at the check-out in store.