New recycling service across the Selby District

Residents across the Selby District will see a new recycling service starting at the end of March/beginning of April 2020. The new service will see homes receive two new wheelie bins to use in place of their current recycling boxes. This change aims to allow more room for recycling. Recyclable waste in the Selby District will still be collected every two weeks, and they will alternate between collecting the recyclable waste and the general refuse.

There will be blue wheelie bins introduced for glass, tin and plastic and a brown wheelie bin for paper and cardboard recycling. Residents will still have their black wheelie bin for general, non-recyclable waste and the green wheelie bin for green waste.

The new bins are being delivered to homes from the 20th of January. However, there are over 40,000 homes across the district, so it will take around ten weeks to deliver all the bins. Selby District Council have asked that residents continue to use their current recycling boxes until the end of March/beginning of April.

Your collection day may change, but the Council will be delivering calendars to inform residents about which bin needs to go out on which day. The new bins will have special information tags on them, which will tell you what goes in each bin. For more information about collection dates, alternative arrangements and what to do with your old recycling boxes, please visit the Selby District Council website.