Traffic fears after motorcyclist injured in crash

On the morning of Saturday the 5th of November a motorcyclist was taken in to hospital after a collision with a van.

Police and paramedics rush to the scene at Sherburn traffic lights in the centre of the village at 9am where the incident had occurred. The motorcyclist was taken to hospital with minor injuries, and thankfully was released later that day. The van driver sustained no injuries.

Following this incident, the Sherburn residents have voiced their concerns over the ever growing traffic in the village. Paul Doherty who is the chair of the Parish Council has said “The Parish Council have been concerned for some time about the sheer volume of traffic going through the village centre. The frustration that the queues cause result in red-light jumping and traffic rat running through back street”. The situation is only seen to get worse, as more houses are being proposed to be built in the area. Residents and the council believe with the introduction of almost 1000 new houses the traffic lights will be stretch well over capacity and it will lead to traffic chaos.