Winter Gritting

The Parish Council asked Highways for New Lane to be added to the gritting route as there are two schools along this road (Sherburn High School and Athelstan Primary School), it has a definite slope which means it can be dangerous when it is icy and there is a business whose skip lorries travel up and down the road.
Highways have replied:
“I have checked the e-mail archive, previous requests were made in yrs 2011 and 2012 when they were considered at the annual route reviews and subsequently rejected.

Both schools along this road have salt bins outside and the road has a relatively gentle gradient down from the west to the east where it meets the C321 Low Street, which is on a P1 route 6a. Furthermore an assessment of the gradient was made by John Hodgson and the location didn’t meet the criteria for a salt bin close to the junction with the C321.

There have been no changes to the Winter Maintenance Policy since the previous requests were made. For clarification any changes to a gritting route are at a detriment to another location as the salt and time to drive the routes are fully optimised so cannot be added to.”
The Parish Council  are appealing against this decision, but are not optimistic of success.